Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Last night, we were at Lola's spring concert for school and Millie spoke a whole sentence.

It was in the high school auditorium, and we were taking our seats in those chairs that automatically rise on their own, theater-style seats. And Millie sat down but wasn't quite heavy enough to keep it down and it kept coming up. And I was still getting myself settled so I didn't immediately help her.

"I don't like this!" she cried out, on the verge of tears.

OK, it was more like, "Ah oh eye iss!" but for me, for Millie, it was clear as day.


We are getting some new living room furniture soon (yay!!) and so I've been preparing for that.

We plan to get rid of the ottoman thingy that we use to hide our electronics and everything -- we like it but its squishy top makes it so you can't put a drink or anything on top and I miss that. (Instead, I refurnished one of our coffee tables!) So I've been having to relocate our hiding spot.

While finishing that all up this morning, I found -- again -- the stash of about a half-dozen electronic toys that needed to have their batteries replaced. The collection began accumulating about a year ago, when we realized we had a battery shortage but were too stubborn to buy new batteries.

So I spent about 25 minutes this morning tracking down the missing batteries and screwing and unscrewing all of the stupid little battery covers. (Really, the battery covers themselves aren't the issue, it's that I have to go track down the corresponding screwdrivers to open them, and our, um, workroom organizational skills are in desperate need of improvement.)

But once I got them working again, Millie was thrilled.

I don't think she even remembered this little remote-controlled car. I know Mustang didn't. Haha.

They probably played with this for a good twenty minutes, just running from one side of the house to the other, Millie chasing after Mustang, who was chasing after the car. Or, he'd grab hold of the car and Millie would shriek after him, ordering him in her own little Millie to drop it.

To just watch them play together and to just hear Millie giggle, it was priceless.

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! I could watch it all day! Can't wait for big Millie hug! and Lola too!
Poor baby almost got sucked up in the chair!