Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Millie is 4!

On Monday, our beautiful little Amelia turned 4 years old.

You could tell this by the way she walked around holding up her four little fingers, announcing to the whole world as often as she could that, yes, she was officially, finally 4 years old.

We actually celebrated her birthday a few times, with our families the week before as the girls and I visited the Cities, and then, on Sunday, with our own little family.

We opened the day by going to see the new Pixar movie, Inside Out. It was so, so good. Millie didn't move for the whole first 75 minutes. She was captivated.

Afterward, we talked about going out for a dessert, going out for lunch/dinner, doing something.

But it was so sunny and warm. It just made sense to have an outside play day.

So we stopped by Target and bought a certain slip-and-slide that Lola fell in love with while playing with her cousins.

And Millie saw a display for Inside Out toys.

It's funny, this little girl who loves all things and people, she very rarely attaches herself to a toy. She might smile and hug it and play with it and even hold it for a few minutes, but she always just hands it back to you, as if to say, "I'm good. Thanks."

But here, she saw a little stuffed Joy, from the movie.

She picked up it, held it close to her and never let it go.

So for three days now, we've had a new little friend.

She even helped unwrap gifts.

The Inside Out toys were a favorite. Here, she is showing how she has a few Joys now. Ha.

But the highlight of the day was family time. Outside. In the sunshine. Playing in the water. Lots of laughs, cuddles and smiles.

 (I love how Lola is airborne here.)

It was Millie's birthday, Father's Day, all sorts of special days rolled into one.

Happy birthday, Little One. We love you so, so much.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

game, set, match

Understandably so, the weekly babysitting charges for my once-a-week summertime tennis league didn't make it into the budget now that I'm not working.

But I'm also a wee bit stubborn.

And I refused to give it up.

Tonight, we had our first session. True match play won't start 'til next week and tonight was just a random mixer. I figured it would be the perfect chance to see how the girls could do on their own for a bit.

So we packed up a whole bunch of kid gear, lots of toys and games, a blanket, a couple of iPads and I hid a sack of snacks in my purse.

Honestly, I'm not sure I've ever been as proud of them simultaneously as I was tonight.

Sure, there were a few times I heard Millie whine, and yes I had to remind them once to stay within my sightlines.

But they were as perfect as I could have ever asked. More than, really.

I'm a little worried that this was beginner's luck and the rest of the summer will go poorly.

But for now, I'm just enjoying the moment.

before and after

This isn't the most exciting update to probably anyone other than us...

... but we got new furniture last week! And we are very excited about it.

This was the living room before:

And here it is now...

We love it.

Of course, there were a few hiccups along the way but everything seems to be working out quite well now.

And after unscrewing all the feet from the old sectional, disconnecting the stairway railing, and "helping" Ray get the darn thing downstairs, we were able to move the old sectional into what was the playroom/craft room.

The other half of the room is still my crafting/scrapbooking space...

And the girls still have access to their playroom toys and everything.

Strategic planning at its best. What you can't see is that the too-large sectional doesn't really fit all that well downstairs but it works OK. There is probably a 2- or 3-foot gap behind the couch that Lola turned into her not-so-secret big-girl area, where she has set up all of her American Girl doll accessories and furniture. Millie can go back there, but it is difficult and Lola really does like having her own space for it all.
One of the more difficult moments was waiting for the delivery of the new furniture, on a rainy day when we had no furniture in the living room. But we made do, and Millie had quite a blast.

It's funny how I don't as much care anymore if they run around on the sectional or jump on the cushions.  *smile*

So everything worked out, in the end -- and we're loving our new setups.