Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Millie is 4!

On Monday, our beautiful little Amelia turned 4 years old.

You could tell this by the way she walked around holding up her four little fingers, announcing to the whole world as often as she could that, yes, she was officially, finally 4 years old.

We actually celebrated her birthday a few times, with our families the week before as the girls and I visited the Cities, and then, on Sunday, with our own little family.

We opened the day by going to see the new Pixar movie, Inside Out. It was so, so good. Millie didn't move for the whole first 75 minutes. She was captivated.

Afterward, we talked about going out for a dessert, going out for lunch/dinner, doing something.

But it was so sunny and warm. It just made sense to have an outside play day.

So we stopped by Target and bought a certain slip-and-slide that Lola fell in love with while playing with her cousins.

And Millie saw a display for Inside Out toys.

It's funny, this little girl who loves all things and people, she very rarely attaches herself to a toy. She might smile and hug it and play with it and even hold it for a few minutes, but she always just hands it back to you, as if to say, "I'm good. Thanks."

But here, she saw a little stuffed Joy, from the movie.

She picked up it, held it close to her and never let it go.

So for three days now, we've had a new little friend.

She even helped unwrap gifts.

The Inside Out toys were a favorite. Here, she is showing how she has a few Joys now. Ha.

But the highlight of the day was family time. Outside. In the sunshine. Playing in the water. Lots of laughs, cuddles and smiles.

 (I love how Lola is airborne here.)

It was Millie's birthday, Father's Day, all sorts of special days rolled into one.

Happy birthday, Little One. We love you so, so much.

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Anonymous said...

Happy, wonderful 4th a Birthday Millie! I hope this coming year is as magical and fun and wonderful for you! I love you so much!