Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Up until this whole stay-at-home-mom thing, the longest stretch of time I'd been off of work -- as a so-called "adult" -- was in 2011, with my 12-week maternity leave with Millie.

Yesterday would have been my first day back to work, if I was on a similar leave.

This has been an amazing summer. I am having the time of my life.

From daily walking excursions to Cities trips to camping adventures, we've been having a lot of fun. Every day.

Our makeshift waterslide. Ha.

Millie the Mermaid.

Sister friends.

Felt boards. Great for speech work, great for play.

Mommy and Millie holding hands,
just like the felt people.

Fun for older kids too!

She loves the water.

Millie the Mermaid (again).

Itasca adventures -- they are the best!

Beachtime fun!

Right in our backyard...

Lola's frogs ... the girl loves her frogs.

Best part of this photo is right after it was taken,
we opened the jar to let the frog go (Lola only gets to
keep them for a little while) and it jumped right onto Millie's
chest. She freaked out and tried to brush it off, only to get it half-stuck
in her collar -- and then she (understandingly) freaked out more. She is
not as frog-crazy as her older sister. But she sure does make us laugh.

On the road again...

Lola's latest obsession: rollerblading. She is still learning,
having gotten a pair last week for her birthday. But she loves them.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet...growing up so fast!