Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Miss Maleficent

Ever since Lola first saw Maleficent she has been rather desperate to find a similar costume for herself. She loved Angelina Jolie's look, I think, in the movie, and she really, really liked that she could fly.

"I liked that she was mean," Lola said, a wee bit shyly, recently, when I asked her why she liked the character so much. "At first. But then she was nice. She was mean and nice."

Anyhow, we were never able to find a kid-sized costume similar to that from the film. (We did find some, er, interesting ones for teens and adults though. Not quite what we were looking for though.)

"Can't you just write Walmart a letter and tell them to make one?" she asked me, more that once.

Coming to the rescue was Ray's mom, who very, very kindly agreed to take on the job for Lola's upcoming birthday. Never even hinting at anything to Lola, we were scoped out patterns and picked out fabrics that would create the ideal look.

When we were in the Cities a couple of weeks ago, Jean surprised Lola with her costume.

It is amazing, absolutely perfect. 

My favorite part of the costume is that, really, if you take off the cape (and the horns of course) it is a beautiful dress, too, that she could actually wear, like for Christmas for a choir concert or something.

It is quite unbelievable, really.

And Lola loves it.

Our little Maleficent.

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Anonymous said...

Really great!! Love it...great job Jean! And love pics of Lola...she just makes me smile all day long!