Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First day of school!

Yesterday was the first day of school.

Lola headed into second grade and Millie to her first full-day of preschool. (She went twice-a-week last year, three hours a day. This year she is again going twice a week, but for seven hours a day.)

There were quite a few back-to-school nerves (from Lola), centered on busing schedules and transitions.

But all went quite well.

And she came off the bus with big smiles.

Millie also did great. There were a few tears and whimpers when I left her at preschool, but she also cried every day last year at daycare and preschool drop-offs. So this was expected.

I was able to just watch her in the classroom for a few minutes before I picked her up in the afternoon and she was happily playing side by side with a new friend. I think she did just fine.

She "told" me all about her day, mainly through sign language later that afternoon. She likes her teachers, made new friends, colored and sang songs, and prayed before mealtime (it is a church-based preschool, obviously).

She also "said" that her teacher made her take a nap and that made her mad because she wanted to play more. And then gave me a faux-angry face. It was pretty cute.

Me? Well, I did fine.

But it sure was quiet.

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Anonymous said...

Growing up so fast! Glad it went good. Great pics! Love the last one!