Thursday, January 28, 2016

Miss Millie


I'm not even sure how I would spell it, but this is what we hear from Millie constantly now.
"Aw-k" is about as clear as she gets, and that's when she is really mad.
TALK, she says, pointing at herself. Talk to me.
She can't get enough of it, face-to-face conversations. She wants you so badly to listen to her, to hear her, to understand her.
Fortunately, doing so is easier than it has ever been. Real conversations are no longer rare. She tells me about what she ate at school, whether she napped, if she cried, if she played with a friend, whether it was a boy or girl, and if she made new friends.
She recently told me after school that she'd had a "Mickey" sandwich (peanut butter sandwich cut into a Mickey Mouse shape, played with a girl and a boy, and cried a little bit at naptime. She also drove the little red car in the gym. She then formed two little fists, set them side by side on the floor in front of her and then lifted them quickly above her head. It almost looked like a -- parachute! I couldn't spit it out fast enough, Did you play with a parachute today? And her face lit up -- and what followed was a tumble of words and laughs. We couldn't translate it all but we understood it all.  
She expects more of you now. She expects that you can decipher every sound, every utterance. And when you can't, she gives up. First, she gets silly-frustrated, throwing up her hands in a "You are so crazy!" kind of way; then, when you miss again, she gets a little angry, just slightly slitting her eyes and glaring at you; but not even a moment later, she shrugs her shoulders, tips her head back and smiles as she flicks her wrist at you, in a "Oh, just forget it, this isn't worth our time anyway" kind of gesture.
She's an actress, Miss Millie. Years of practice fine-tuned her ability to convey her feelings without a word.
She's now imitating the characters on TV (I should record her impression of Disgust from Inside Out sometimes, she's so funny) and is obsessed with musicals.
Here, she's watching Babes in Toyland :

Here, Star Wars (not a musical obviously, but it's a cute photo):
We've wondered how she would do on stage herself, and in mid-December, when her preschool offered its Christmas program, we found out:

She loved it and asked if she could do it again the next day, and the next.

She's such a sweetheart.

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Anonymous said...

She is an unbelievable, precious gift for all of us! Love just radiates from her! Love her so much...give her great big hug from Grandma