Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Life with Lola (second grade)

When I asked Lola earlier this week what she was thinking about "giving up" for Lent, there wasn't much a hesitation before she answered.

"Snowy owls."

It made me laugh. If the 2015-16 school has had a theme thus far, it has been the snowy owl.

As part of her semester-long project, Lola chose the snowy owl as her research animal, learning about its life cycle, habitat, diet, etc.

The project culminated with their kids' Celebration in December, when they unveiled to us parents their final reports, drawings, and the paper mache creations of their selected animals.

We heard so much about snowy owls this year! But, of course, we are very happy she is enjoying school and connecting (thus far) with her schoolwork.

She was proud to show off everything she's learned.


She's growing up. I know, it happens, obviously. Time just goes so fast.

These days she is into creating -- crafting, drawing, sculpting, pottery-wheeling, painting, building. Anything that can be used to make something.


Toward the end of December, as we were within just a few days of the new year, we were looking toward returning to our regular school-year schedule when we got an unexpected surprise.

Lola passed the recreation-level gymnastics program, so she was invited to join the pre-competitive team. The above photo is blurry (because she was bouncing around so much!) but you should be able to see it in her eyes -- Lola was so excited. She was so proud of herself.

We were proud of her too, of course. But it did change things a little bit. Instead of going to gymnastics once a week for an hour a week, she's now there twice a week for two hours a session.

I'm not sure if we'll do this forever, but for now she's enjoying it -- and we really do see the value in having her work hard physically toward her goals. It's been pretty amazing to watch how much gymnastics has really helped develop her self-confidence over the last two-and-a-half years.

She's a special kid. She loves so fiercely.