Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Life has been a blur of activity lately, thanks to an early spring and Easter. 

Of course, we live in northern Minnesota so while spring did come early this month it also fled immediately afterward and we welcomed another few inches of fresh snow. That, too, has since melted, but that will explain the combination of winter and spring shots, all taken, believe it or not, in the same week. 

But now, as we prepare to slip the calendar over to April, we are hopeful that spring will stick around a while, let us hang up our coats, and stay a while. 

Millie has never before really liked the idea of bicycling, This year, though, she seems to be turning the corner and is excitedly -- and a bit hesitantly -- pushing herself to do more, to try more, to break outside of her comfort zone.
She's becoming such a big kid. I know, she's nearly 5 so that's to be expected. But it's new for us. It's new for her. She is pushing herself, finally, to really reach beyond what she previously had been capable of. It's like we're hitting those "Terrible 2s" (or 3s) now, just a little later.

It took a few laps to re-learn the basics, but Lola is getting more comfortable on her 'blades every day. She's even rejecting some of the pads this year (wish her/us luck!).

I've been trying to work more with Millie on painting, writing, drawing, etc. None of it is a strength for her yet but she is gaining a lot more confidence.

 Painting "fireworks" with used toilet paper rolls. Thanks Pinterest!

 Fun times.

 Painting inevitably ends this way.

She made me a brand new windsock for outside. I'm not sure how long it will last but we just passed one week. Hopefully it can make it a while longer. I love seeing her colorful handprints when I pull into the driveway.

 Easter egg hunt at Grandpa's.

 Easter egg hunt.

Easter girls.

 Mustang loves being at the lake -- his favorite place to visit.

 Break out the bikes! We love spring!

Ugh. Yes, this girl loves snakes. She wants a pet boa for her birthday. Luckily, we got a Science Center membership for a Christmas gift and so we take her there, instead.

 Fearless. She's fearless.

Millie likes "normal" animals, like bunnies.


So, yes, life is pretty good. Things are going very well. Everyone seems to be thriving.

We have come to a final decision that we will not send Millie to kindergarten this fall; we will wait one more year, until she is 6. It is the right decision. But it was a hard one to settle on. We circled it and discussed and discussed and discussed it about four hundred times. But the answer was always there, I just kind of had to accept it I think.

Thanks for checking on us. I hope you all had a great Easter!

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