Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday funnies

In the summertime and well into fall, Ray has to work out of town and I frequently get lonely after the kids go to bed. Up until the time school starts, Lola occasionally gets to come back out and we watch some tween-ish movies together or just spend some Mommy-and-Me time.

Last night, while Millie was getting her jammies on, Lola snuck back to ask me, "Hey, can I come out of bed tonight after Millie goes to sleep?"

"No, it's a school night now."

"Oh. Well, can I come back out tomorrow night then?"

"No, kiddo, sorry. Daddy will be home then and I want to have some Daddy-and-Mommy time."

Then I get "the look." It's hard to explain, but it's the "Lola Look," as I call it. It's hard to explain but she kind of tilts her head sideways and arches her eyebrows, a kind of "you-don't-get-anything-past-me look.

"Oh I know what you and Daddy do after we go to bed," she smirked.

Wait, what are we talking about here? I'm thinking.

"Uh, what?" I stammered.

"I know what you do after Millie and are in bed."

She's too young for this, right?! Play dumb, Bethany, play dumb.

"Really?" I smiled back, hopefully convincingly. "And what is that, do you think?"

"Popcorn! You guys always make popcorn after we go to bed! I can smell it from my bedroom!"

I laughed a lot more than she probably thought appropriate.

And then kissed the top of her little head, "Love you, kiddo."

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Anonymous said...

That is hysterical....I can remember that look..:)