Tuesday, September 13, 2016

summer rewind - part 1

Since I took somewhere around five months off from blogging, unsure if I'd come back to it at all, I didn't update here on a lot of the fun we did this summer.

Honestly, I was feeling pretty down about our summer this year. Whereas last year I had all the time in the world with these two little ones, this year I was juggling a lot more freelancing assignments and projects. Which was great! But also had me feeling a bit guilty.

Then, yesterday, I decided to finally get around to downloading the pics from my cell phone. I do this every 3-4 months because I really hate having a ton of pics on my phone. But what I was unprepared for were the sheer number of pics on my phone! I upgraded my phone in July, and apparently that meant I took a LOT more pictures than I did with my older phone, since its photo-taking capabilities were pretty poor.

So here are a few random shots from July:

 Fun at the Water Carnival!
 More fun at the Water Carnival!
 Even more fun at the Water Carnival!
 Millie this summer was finally tall enough and strong enough to be able to climb the spider web structure at our neighborhood park. Here, she's celebrating. 
 Of course, Lola had to show off just how far she could go too.

 Millie's developing her own sense of style.
 So this was taken while Ray and I were in the garage readying for our garage sale this summer. The kids asked if they could play outside and we're like, Sure!, not even taking note of the increasingly  black skies. About three minutes after this was taken, there were all sorts of lightning flashes that weren't exactly right next door but were way too close for comfort. Umbrella time was quickly forgotten.
 They sure did enjoy those two minutes of rain time though!

 Millie got a new-to-her Cinderella dress.
Which she subsequently wore every day for two weeks.
Complete with her Cinderella  high-heel shoes (not pictured).

 Lola got her long-hoped-for Mal costume. Don't know who this is? You must not have a Disney tween-to-be. Mal is the daughter of Maleficent, per Descendants, a made-for-TV Disney movie. And Lola's absolute favorite character these days.
 Our little actresses.
 Oh, we held snakes. Lots of snakes. Actually, the same 3-4 snakes lots of times.
Local science centers rock!
We also made some big ol' bubbles!
Gosh, I miss summer.
How long until June?!

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