Monday, October 31, 2016

a fresh fall

We have had a super busy -- but super fun! -- fall so far up here. We've gone to the pumpkin patch/corn maze and snuck down to the Cities for a much-needed girls getaway weekend. It was nice to get out of town -- and even better to send some quality time with family.

But we also got some girls pampering time too, which is a pretty special treat for us.

You ready for this? I sure wasn't.

But Lola has been asking, off and on for a year now, to cut her hair short. But she always changed her mind a week or two later. So I had told her that once she stuck with the same opinion for a month, that we would do it.

And she did.

12 inches gone! Off to Locks of Love.

Meanwhile, Millie got a much-needed trim.

Oh, yeah, and their hair was (temporarily, of course) blue and purple.

It was a pretty special time for them.

The before shots:

And the afters:

And, well, it was time for me to freshen up too. I was way overdue for a cut. But I wanted to wait until after the half-marathon so I could still pull it back for that.

10+ inches gone! (No, not off to donations -- it was pretty well-fried and damaged.)




I absolutely love it.

I'm still getting used to having to style it daily (seriously, a ponytail was so much faster!) but I love feeling more put together again.

So that's our "new" looks!

But, of course, we're still the same old us we were a month or so ago.

Happy fall everyone.
- B


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