Friday, March 31, 2017

Lent lessons

For Lent, I set out to not necessarily "give something up" but to focus more on my faith by reading the Bible daily, which, honestly, I knew I wouldn't do: My aim was, really, 3-4 times a week.

Again, honestly, I'm probably falling a wee bit short on even that. I think I'm averaging 2.5 -- but I am getting closer to reaching 3. I'm celebrating progress regardless, ha.

Anyhow, back to the point, my kid is lapping me.

I was out raking the other day (yay for spring!) and Millie was playing behind me in the yard. After a few minutes I didn't hear much sound so I turned around and found this:

Later on, while she was having a bit of quiet time (I needed to get caught up on emails), I found her on the couch, "reading" to Mustang:

Then, this morning, as we were getting ready for Speech, she looked worried.

"Where my Jesus book?" she asked.

We looked and searched and still couldn't find it.

Lola, fortunately, hadn't left for school yet so she could at least confirm that it was here, somewhere, last night before bed. So at least we hadn't lost it.

But, still, where did it go?

She had it before bed? 

Like right before bed?

You don't think ... ?

And, yeah, sure enough, she slept with it. Under her pillow.

Lent lessons. From the 5-year-old. Keep the Bible close, you'll read it more often.

It made me smile.

Happy weekend (soon enough)!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful Lenten story.
I thought about your kids last night at our church's band CD release party so I picked up a download version for you :)..