Thursday, March 9, 2017


Oh how we appreciated the warmth and sunshine this past weekend.

I took Millie -- wait, I mean Amelia (she is now insisting that is her name, though she changes her mind again the next day) -- for a walk down to the park and, as we turned to head back home, we encountered Ray and Lola, Lola on her in-line skates. On the streets/sidewalks. That was a first for her! And she did great the whole way.

Of course, I pushed it a few hours later and had Lola bike next to me while I went for a run. As it turned out, it was probably a bit too much in one day and I wore her out three miles in, but we took a quick break and then made it home. Still, I'm looking forward to summer, knowing she can do it, since she and I are always on the lookout for more ways to get some bigger-kid-and-Mom time alone.

Also last week, two members of the family experienced their first-ever Bemidji State hockey game. I've been a handful of times and was already planning to go with a friend, but then we got a couple of extra tickets at the last minute so Ray and Lola were both able to go as well.

Lola sure enjoyed it.
In fact, we had so much fun that we're going again this weekend, all of us. I'm excited to see what Millie -- Amelia! -- thinks of the whole experience.

Both girls are growing up so quickly these days. Lola is thriving in school and I continue to marvel at her curiosity and insistence at understanding the whole world right now today. She continues to love art and has really taken a liking to macramé (typing knots and string to make various designs).

I'm super biased of course, but she does seem to have a knack for understanding basic concepts of art? Maybe? I dunno, that's really Ray's domain, but they've been working together well. It's so great for them to have a shared interest to bond over.

She also is finding her own "style" and I am trying (really hard!) to be hands-off and letting her express herself.

Amelia is obsessed these days with "Who is in charge?" and how does one get to be in charge. She certainly has left toddlerhood, and even to a degree preschool-hood (is that a word?) behind, insisting on doing everything herself without any help.

She is talking in sentences and has long forgotten most of the sign-language signs we used to need to communicate. She belts out the words to her favorite songs (if you see her, ask her to sing the "Moana grandma" song. Or maybe I should try to take a video one of these days). She's still a ways off from "reading," but she has FINALLY! taken an interest in letters and is pushing herself to learn their sounds without us really needing to force her to do it.

She also has been finding her own style, which apparently means fancy, fancy, fancy. She doesn't even get in the door before she's stripped off her tennis shoes (or winter boots) and has her "high" (not really) heels on and a "fancy dress," as she calls them. I think we're up to three times now that she's snuck her heels into bed and slept with them on. (I guess that better than sneaking a tablet into bed, right?)

She loves being the center of attention is "putting on a show" for us almost daily, twirling and dancing, occasionally singing. She's a cutie.

So things are good here. We're looking forward to the official arrival of Spring, and hoping it sticks around longer the next time it shows up. But, of course, Spring is also the start of Ray's crazy summer work schedule, so we are also trying to cherish and make the most of the time we all have together.

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Beautiful writing, pictures, many wonderful memories1 Remarkable girls!! Brings huge smiles...