Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Say cheese!

My computer has been limping along for several months. It's just old and well-worn, but the final blow came earlier this year, when it no longer could read my external hard drive which has, well, everything saved on it.

Still, Ray and I continued to discuss it and together always arrived at the same conclusion: Keep on trucking until summertime, when his overtime schedule kicks in. The budget is a bit looser then and I should be able to get something a little nicer.

That all changed on Sunday, though, when, after a couple of hours of fighting with the laptop himself as he tried to do taxes, he told me to go buy a new one that same afternoon. I was more than happy to do so!

As I've spent much of this week getting the new laptop set up, I am rediscovering all the photos that I had saved on the hard drive, intending to share some of them here. The first batch are from a photoshoot Lola did for an online contest (that we actually never entered, whoops), and the last couple are from a Millie-and-Mommy baking day.

They're just cute. And they capture the girls' personalities pretty well, I think.

I particularly love the last one -- cooking in heels at 5-years-old! That's so Millie. :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

spring cleaning

I cleaned yesterday.

For the first time in more than a week.

Oh boy, April got off to a rough start here. Millie went down ill, then I went down ill. And it took me a solid week to really recover, at least to the point where I actually had energy.

Want to see the most beautiful sight in the world?

OK, maybe in the whole world is a big stretch, but it sure was a welcome sight.

Millie's super-fancy phase means that their closet has been a disaster. She changes about a dozen times a day. It's cute. But really frustrating. She destroys her closet daily. Usually, I straighten it back every couple of days but since I was sick, it was getting worse. And worse. And worse.

While the girls did clean their room (they do at least try...) I always go in afterward and do the super-obsessively-perfect cleaning after they are done. Organizing clothes by sleeve length, color. Getting all the toy sets back in their respective baggies. Linin up the books by size. Making sure we didn't lose anything yet this week.

But I hadn't done that in a while.

So last night, after putting them to bed in the spare room, I spent a couple of hours gutting and reorganizing their closet -- Millie's clothes are now on the bottom so she can reach them! -- and bagging up the too-smalls and bringing out the next size of hand-me-downs for Millie.

It is always a project.

But so very worth it.

Now if they would, you know, just not touch anything. Ever again. It just might stay clean! Ha.

But the point of the story: I am finally feeling good again. Woohoo.

And Millie is healthy.

And Lola is healthy.

And Ray ... well, he never got sick, but he seems healthy. So far.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Millie memories

Today, we went for our usual Saturday walk, downtown and back. Played a park, had some lunch.

We were walking down a side street and one of Ray's buddies saw him as he was driving down the road, on the other side of the roadway.

He rolled down his window and said, jokingly of course, "Hey kids, you want some candy?"

We all laughed a bit and then talked a while.

Lola said hi, Millie declined.

About ten minutes later, though, Millie was kind of half-pouting and looking around somewhat expectantly.

"Where's the candy?" she finally demanded.

Felt bad she didn't get the joke of course, but we LOVE that she's talking so well!

Happy weekend.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Life with Lola

I got knocked down pretty hard this week with a cold. That doesn't sound like much, I know, but this was a doozy. I can usually power my way through most anything, but this one, ugh, let's just say it's been a tough week.

So on Tuesday, it took every ounce of my energy to just drive to get Lola from gymnastics, and bring her home, making a quick stop at a drive-through for some much-needed soup. (I am that lazy, yes.)

Well, Lola is in third grade, which means this week she and her classmates took, for the first time, the MCA, one of the standardized tests in education. Tuesday happened to mark her first day of the testing.

This was our conversation. (But to get the gist of it, you have to imagine just how exhausted I was. I just wasn't putting anything together at all.)

Lola: "Mom, do you know why, MCA?"

Me: "What? Yes, I know why you take the MCAs."

Lola: "No, I mean do you know why, MCA?"

Me, utterly confused: "Do you mean, what does it stand for? MCA stands for Minnesota Com-"

Lola, impatiently: "No. I mean, do you know why, MCA?"

Me, confused: "You take the MCAs at different times, in differ-"

Lola, now officially exasperated: "No. I mean: Do. You. Know. The song. Y. M. C. A.?"

Me, sheepishly: "Oh, of course. That makes a lot more sense. Yes, I know the song."

And then Lola proceeds to tell me that some of her classmates made an "MCA" song. But by then, the moment was gone. We laughed, gently.

Our own little Who's On First moment I guess.


This morning, I was feeling better finally and Lola had a few minutes of downtime before we embarked on the hectic morning routines. She joined me on the couch and we just snuggled for a minute, me running my fingers through her hair.

Me: "I'm sorry I've been so ... absent ... this week. I've just been so tired. But I'm glad I'm feeling better now."

Lola: "Me too."

Me: "But I've tried really, really hard to not take it out on you guys, to not be too crabby or mean this week."

Lola: "I know. It's not like, before, you know. The last time you were sick, like months and months and months ago, you were a lot mean. This time, you haven't been as mean."

Ha. I love the honesty!

I'm celebrating progress today.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Bedtime battles -- and wins

The bedtime battles never do seem to go away. But this one was kind of cool!

Ray and I put the girls to bed last night at their usual Sunday evening bedtime.

Sure, we heard a bit of stirring for a little while but all eventually went quiet.

About 45 minutes later, Lola popped out of bed to use the restroom (uh-huh, sure), though she then came to say "goodnight" and ask, again, if she could stay up a little bit later with us.

No, not on a school night... Blah, blah, blah....

So off (back) to bed she went.

Another 45 minutes later and her door opened again.

Ray and I exchanged not-so-patient looks

And then here comes Lola, bounding into the living room hiding something behind her back.

"I finished my Rubik's Cube," she said, ever so casually.

Wait, what?

Then she let her enthusiasm show and get super giddy about it.

And, sure enough, she finally figured that little thing out, the Junior version.

Considering that I gave up on it months ago, after the dang thing was sucking my attention away from the family for hours at a time, I was impressed.

So it's official: Lola is smarter than me.  (*wink*)