Thursday, April 6, 2017

Life with Lola

I got knocked down pretty hard this week with a cold. That doesn't sound like much, I know, but this was a doozy. I can usually power my way through most anything, but this one, ugh, let's just say it's been a tough week.

So on Tuesday, it took every ounce of my energy to just drive to get Lola from gymnastics, and bring her home, making a quick stop at a drive-through for some much-needed soup. (I am that lazy, yes.)

Well, Lola is in third grade, which means this week she and her classmates took, for the first time, the MCA, one of the standardized tests in education. Tuesday happened to mark her first day of the testing.

This was our conversation. (But to get the gist of it, you have to imagine just how exhausted I was. I just wasn't putting anything together at all.)

Lola: "Mom, do you know why, MCA?"

Me: "What? Yes, I know why you take the MCAs."

Lola: "No, I mean do you know why, MCA?"

Me, utterly confused: "Do you mean, what does it stand for? MCA stands for Minnesota Com-"

Lola, impatiently: "No. I mean, do you know why, MCA?"

Me, confused: "You take the MCAs at different times, in differ-"

Lola, now officially exasperated: "No. I mean: Do. You. Know. The song. Y. M. C. A.?"

Me, sheepishly: "Oh, of course. That makes a lot more sense. Yes, I know the song."

And then Lola proceeds to tell me that some of her classmates made an "MCA" song. But by then, the moment was gone. We laughed, gently.

Our own little Who's On First moment I guess.


This morning, I was feeling better finally and Lola had a few minutes of downtime before we embarked on the hectic morning routines. She joined me on the couch and we just snuggled for a minute, me running my fingers through her hair.

Me: "I'm sorry I've been so ... absent ... this week. I've just been so tired. But I'm glad I'm feeling better now."

Lola: "Me too."

Me: "But I've tried really, really hard to not take it out on you guys, to not be too crabby or mean this week."

Lola: "I know. It's not like, before, you know. The last time you were sick, like months and months and months ago, you were a lot mean. This time, you haven't been as mean."

Ha. I love the honesty!

I'm celebrating progress today.

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Anonymous said...

That is so darn funny...gosh she is one of a kind - so darn smart and amazing! She cracks me up..:)