Wednesday, May 24, 2017

'I dabble in a little English'

I loved watching Gilmore Girls and Parenthood so I've been reading Lauren Graham's latest book this week. It's a fun, easy read, which is kind of what I wanted, as summer is too quickly approaching.

I enjoy Lauren's work as an actor which is why I'm reading the book of course, but I also have long appreciated the work of her significant other, Peter Krause.

Peter Krause, to me, will always and forever be Casey McCall from Sports Night, my favorite show. (Well, I think it's my favorite. It at least used to be my favorite. I'm finding I enjoy re-watching Studio 60 at least as much as I enjoy re-watching Sports Night. I'm obviously a big Sorkin fan.)

Anyhow, I knew Peter Krause was from Minnesota but I never really researched or read up on his background.

That was, until this week.

Because I quite honestly squealed when I read this in Lauren's book: (please note the third sentence of the second graf)

I lived on County Road C!

That said, County Road C is a pretty big road that travels through something like a dozen suburbs in the Cities so I can't really claim this as "my" County Road C. Nor can I recall observing any kind of strange puppet incident on the road outside of my childhood home.

But still, this pretty much made my whole day!


Random thought of the day: As long as I'm thinking about Sports Night, in today's era of re-boots and remakes, I have this dream of Sorkin revisiting Sports Night, more specifically Casey McCall's son, Charlie. When I'm out running sometimes, my mind wanders and I plot out stories about Charlie. I imagine he tried to both follow and not follow in his famous dad's footsteps, becoming instead of a TV sports reporter, a newspaper sports reporter. But he loses his job as the industry falters and he has to move back in with his dad to re-invent his career.

Ha. Running. I come up with all sorts of great ideas that I never follow through on. :)

Speaking of running, I did something yesterday that was once unimaginable to me, ha! I made a "running wall" -- with my three bids (my 5K, 10K, and half), my medal from last year's half-marathon, and then my calendar scripting out this summer's running plan, assuming I decide to train for another race this fall.

I kind of like it. I see it many times a day now and it makes me smile. So hopefully it keeps me on track and motivated moving forward, on track for Oct. 14.

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