Tuesday, May 23, 2017

picture post!

This is what happens when I get around to organizing my photos each month or so: a picture post!

It makes for an easy -- and cuter! -- update to what we've been up to.

Millie update!
She's still our little ham. Every morning starts with the same question: "Can I wear a fancy dress today?" to be followed by, "Fancy heels too?"

She loves to be pretty and twirly and to put on "shows" for us, dancing and spinning around.

A few weeks ago, she was in her glory when it was finally time for her Easter program at school. And, as expected, she loved every minute of it.

She also FINALLY got a big-girl haircut!

I've been battling with her for months, years, it seems. She hates having her hair tied back. In either a big pony or a little one. And I hate never being able to see her face.

So, I brought her with me to the grown-up salon and she got her first-ever "real" haircut.

We were there about three hours total! -- (for the both of us) -- and she did great. She loved every single minute.



She aged about four years I think! Oh my goodness. She loves it, I love it. Everyone's happy!

In other Millie news, she is finally into crafting. So we "make something" almost every day these days. Which I love. Super fun times together, my favorite.

Millie had her "first day" of kindergarten last night too, just going to her new school for an hour, experiencing her first circle time and meeting her new teacher (who just happens to be Lola's teacher this year, and last year actually as well. Super excited about that! She's pretty awesome.)

Lola update!
She's becoming a little lady. Every day I watch in awe and admiration as she grows more confident, more sure of herself and who she wants to be.

This months, she had her Spring concert at school and she was awesome. I loved it. Sure, she still had to kind of battle through those initial nerves at first -- "But, Mom, the actions are really hard this time!" -- but she did wonderful.

She also got some great news at gymnastics, when she learned that she would be moving up two levels this summer! She was absolutely ecstatic!

It's probably because she's learned how to things like this:

She's also been working super hard this spring on her school project, but I'll write more about that later, when I see the finished product later this week.

General "family" update!
We've been out exploring this spring quite a bit, mostly by bicycle now that we seem to be getting comfortable with them.

Lola, especially, is learning to push herself on the bike to reach new distances, though I'm not sure she is always loving it. Ha. But we try to take some breaks along the way.

May Day! The baskets were a big deal in our house this year. Loved it.

Millie has a, um, style of her own. No, it is not raining, but, yes, she insisted on her umbrella. No, I didn't fight her on it. Life's too short. Carry the dang umbrella if you want to (just don't give it to me -- oh wait, she did that five minutes later this pic was taken, of course. Haha.)

Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! Pictures are a thousand words and feelings all put together! Not sure how lucky I got to have such a remarkable family but I feel so blessed to have all of you. Love with a very warm heart...