Thursday, May 25, 2017


We all survived "Showcase" weekend!

It's the big end-of-the-year show for gymnastics. As a family, we have so many hours we have to volunteer each year so I ended up helping with decorating. Which, for me, meant I was more or less in charge of creating the "photobooth."

The whole show was Super Hero themed so that continued into the photobooth, or at least that was my plan. Ha.

But, of course, the weekend was really about the gymnasts, or, for us, Lola.

In past year's she has been super nervous but this year, though she had a few butterflies, she was mostly excited to show off what she can do.

She did great, of course!

She had three shows and she did awesome in all three. She opted to do her handspring in the tumbling portion of her routine and she was most nervous for this, afraid she wouldn't land it. She landed it all three times.

(Ray took video but I haven't gotten it yet -- you'll just have to take my word on it.)

I absolutely love watching her grow in confidence. Sports were a big part of both my and Ray's lives so it's been very special for me to watch Lola develop and learn to love what her body is capable of doing.

We are so very proud of this girl. Not just for her athletics, of course, but for the person she has become. There is not a mean bone in this kid's body. She is so kind, so gentle, so caring. She's going to do amazing things -- and I can't wait to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Love, Love this girl! And so proud of the wonderful little person she is!