Friday, May 26, 2017

the graduate!

Rewind back to March 2014. Millie was not 3 and receiving several different types of therapies. They each were helping, but Ray and I knew that she would greatly benefit from being in a school setting.

She needed to be in preschool.

But, there was that whole not-really-talking thing. Back then, sign language was her language.

Fortunately, our church's preschool is awesome and Lola went there so we knew some of the staff. After a few email exchanges, they offered to sit down and meet Millie and see how it might work out.

Sure, we had a few bumps along the way, but her first preschool teacher actually took an ASL class that summer in preparation for Millie's enrollment that next fall -- I told you they were awesome! -- and between texts and video-messaging, they could almost always figure out what she was trying to "say" with her hands.

My favorite memory, I think, was that very first Christmas program. She got her line a couple of weeks in advance and she and I worked diligently to get the sign language correct. Then, when it was time to actually do the program, she saw the microphone. And that was the end of the sign language! She was going to say her line in the mic, just like everyone else. It was the cutest thing.

Anyhow, for three years now, her preschool has been her home away from home.

And now, last night, we had to say goodbye (but not really because it's still our church and so we will see a lot of the same faces -- but, yeah, from here on out, it will always be different).

Millie graduated!

So proud of you, Kiddo. We can't wait to see where life leads you.

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Anonymous said...

I am just teary eyed - but in a happy and so beaming way! Our little super star! Can't wait to watch and be a part of what is ahead for her! Love her with all my heart..