Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Life with Lola

When I was a kid, I remember one day when I was frustrated with having to do chores. (I was a lazy kid, I'll be honest. I hated any kind of work.)

I was crabbin' and whining at my mom at my mother that day: "I can't wait til I'M a mom and I can make my own kid do all this stuff s I don't have to."

"Ha, you have to raise them first," she responded.

WELL, I'm happy to say -- thrilled, really -- to finally be at the stage where I can pass off all the crappier jobs to my 8-year-old.

Or, really, mainly, the stupid hose.

I hate the hose. It's on the "wrong" side of the house, so it's the furthest away from the garden and the flowers, etc. It's long and it's dirty and I hate unwinding it from the stupid holder thing, pulling it out, getting out the kinks, just to use it for 30-40 minutes and then have to coil it back up, a few feet at a time.

I find the whole process ridiculously annoying. I used to pray for rain just so I didn't have to water. (OK, so I'm still lazy.)

So, yesterday, in a fit of frustration (not that I ever get frustrated!) I asked (ordered, probably not too nicely), Lola to be in charge of the hose and she did MARVELOUS.

Even better, she did it without complaining or whining.

Which basically tells me she's a better kid than I was at her age. Ha.


At some point this spring, we were at school for something for Lola and she was flipping and cartwheeling all around her campus. Despite our reminders to please stop doing gymnastics, it continued when she thought we weren't looking.

One of the staffers caught her and asked, "Do you gymnastics like that at home too?" in a kind of warm-but-warning kind of way. As in, Please stop doing that now.

Lola's response? "Yup."

But Ray laughed. And he tells the story about when he was a kid, and we would be caught tossing a football around school during times that he probably wasn't supposed to do that either.

"Do you throw that around in your house at home too?" he recalled a teacher asking him, when he was a kid, in that same Please stop doing that voice that adults get.

His response. "Yup."

Like father like daughter.

Some days.  :)

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LOL! Yeah Lola! I hate the hose thing too! I should of assigned that to you when you were little!