Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourth reflections

We celebrated our Fourth with sunshine and smiles.

We even trekked it down to the parade in town.

We don't always make it down for the parade this year but this year was a bit special.

It was Lola first time in the parade.

She joined her fellow gymnasts to celebrate the Fourth with cartwheels and walkovers.

I think my favorite line from the weekend came from Millie though.

We were getting ready for bathtime when she began arguing (nicely, in her Millie way) about which toys she should be allowed to play with in the tub. I have a fairly strict "No Barbies in bath" rule, which pretty much means that we don't get 10-inch-tall dolls wet; for whatever reason once their hair gets wet it gets all crunchy and the girls won't play with them again. So we tend to (try) to keep them dry.

Millie hates this rule. And letting Ariel be the exception to the rule hasn't helped much because if she can get wet, why can't the others? Ha.

Anyhow, it was early in the weekend when Millie began negotiating with me.

"But Mommy," she finally said. "Can Moana play in the water? Moana likes the water! She always goes back to the water, she likes it so much!"

Then she began singing the Moana song, just for effect...
See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls me.

She got a big laugh, for originality.

But, no, Moana still didn't make it in the bath.